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Career exploration involves understanding careers that match your personality, values, skills and interests and what training, education, and experience are needed to succeed. NCcareers.org provides labor market information, career development tools, education and training resources, career planning and job search information to all career explorers across North Carolina so they can craft a rewarding and prosperous career. This system is connected with NCWorks Online, allowing users who are researching occupations to link directly to current related job listings in that field. 

NCcareers.org is designed to serve as North Carolina’s premier online hub for a diverse audience including students, parents, educators, job seekers, and career counselors. It stands as a comprehensive repository of top-notch job and career insights.

Through NCcareers.org, individuals can skillfully assess their strengths and passions, delve into various occupations and understand the pressing demands of local employers. 

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Search, filter and sort through nearly 800 occupations or browse the fastest growing jobs in North Carolina.

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Discover your personality type and explore your interests using John Holland’s hexagon model, guiding you to suitable career choices.

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Find your ideal career by assessing your skills with Skills Matcher, offering tailored career suggestions based on your abilities.

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Use this interactive tool from the North Carolina Department of Commerce to align your spending choices with suitable careers.