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Boost your business with Iredell Ready. Let us help you build a strong workforce pipeline in Iredell County.  

Building Your Workforce

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Iredell Ready has assembled an experienced team of professionals to support your business in reaching your short-term and long-term workforce goals.  We can assist you with recruiting, hiring, retaining, training, and building a pipeline to sustain your organization in the future.  Here you can explore programs and resources that will help you meet your workforce goals.  


Recruit & Hire

Unlock your workforce’s full potential with Iredell Ready – Your all-in-one solution for seamless industry-education partnerships, resources, and growth.

Retain & Train

Transform your workforce with our game-changing retain & training solutions. Cultivate talent, boost skills, and secure lasting success with us.

Pipeline Development

We empower career seekers at every stage, fostering diverse skills and goals for a stronger workforce and economy.

Get in Touch

Whether you’re expanding your business, seeking involvement in our public schools, searching for qualified employees, requiring specialized skills or training for your team, or needing guidance on internships and apprenticeships, we’re here to assist. Explore our business pages or contact us to connect with a resource partner.

Voices of Experience

David Crowder
David CrowderGeneral Manager, Jet East - Statesville
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“I have never been introduced to anything like this before which is why it’s so exciting to me. Iredell Ready gave me the opportunity to talk about our workforce needs in the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations industry and to start building relationships with the organizations in Iredell County.”

Jet East's Collaboration with Iredell Ready
Jeff Taylor
Jeff TaylorDirector of Operations and Human Resources with Piedmont Healthcare
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“The work being done across Iredell County in our schools, community college, the nonprofit organizations, and our Chamber is outstanding. Iredell Ready is a means for us to pool our resources and spread the word of all the great work being accomplished.”

Partners Launch Iredell Ready Workforce Development Initiative
Jenn Bosser
Jenn BosserPresident & CEO, Iredell County Economic Development Corporation
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“Iredell County has a robust offering of workforce programs and initiatives. Iredell Ready aims to unify these programs, aligning goals across our workforce pipeline to enhance and amplify resources that will help help our residents attain the skills needed to achieve career opportunities with local industries. By working together as one, we can identify gaps, accelerate development of programs, and amplify existing resources available to address the needs of our students, residents, and local industries.”

Partners Launch Iredell Ready Workforce Development Initiative
Chair Melissa Neader
Chair Melissa NeaderChair of Iredell County Board of Commissioners
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“Iredell County is committed to preparing our students and residents for success in our evolving economy. Our competitiveness is dependent on the quality of our workforce across our pipeline. Iredell Ready is a community initiative that will advance opportunities across our talent pipeline here in Iredell County and help students and residents identify the skills and career pathways to achieve prosperity.”

Partners Launch Iredell Ready Workforce Development Initiative
Kevin Smith
Kevin SmithSite manager, Doosan Bobcat
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“There’s a large skill gap that we’re dealing with. The apprenticeship program provides a great alternative path to fill this with hands-on training along with a partnership with Mitchell Community College. We need these technical backgrounds to fill roles for future business.”

I-SS Expanding Student Internship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
Mitch Johnson
Mitch JohnsonPresident, JMS Southeast
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“We’re really excited to be a part of the pre-apprenticeship program. We’re bringing in young talent and having them learn the fundamentals. This is the way we built up our company.”

I-SS Expanding Student Internship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
Keri Sharpe
Keri SharpeNurse Supervisor and Camp Med Director, Iredell Health System
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“Camp Med is very beneficial for students, and many of them do pursue a career in healthcare. This program is very important as we have many employees here at Iredell who attended Camp Med.”

Camp Med Students Explore Healthcare Field at Iredell Memorial Hospital (