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Empowering Inclusive Success

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The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) is here to support individuals with disabilities in achieving their career aspirations and independence. If you have a disability and dream of finding, retaining, or advancing in a job, VR can pave the way to a promising future in North Carolina. Take charge of your journey and advocate for yourself and those around you.

Collaborative Path to Employment Success

With a wide range of services, from counseling and education to job placement assistance and assistive technology, VR tailors its support to your unique goals for competitive, integrated employment. No matter the challenge, minor or significant, their dedicated staff collaborates with local employers to achieve workforce recruitment, hiring, and retention objectives, ensuring you find and maintain fulfilling employment. 

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NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
College Foundation of NC

Students with disabilities should plan ahead for their college transition, understanding their rights and the support available, with 11.6% of first-time undergraduates in 2018 reporting a disability. Resources on CFNC.org cater mostly to those with permanent disabilities, but support is also available for temporary disabilities.