Explore Professional Services careers in Iredell County and open the possibilities to become an expert with the flexibility to work across multiple industries. 

The Spectrum of Professional Services

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Companies or individuals provide professional services to businesses to help them meet or exceed goals. Professional services represent a wide range of speciality skills that are applicable to most all businesses. Skills include accounting, digital media, engineering, law, marketing, sales, or IT.

Iredell’s Diverse Economy Brings Opportunity

Due to our unique location and diverse communities, Iredell County attracts a broad mix of industries. Iredell is the headquarters and home to several major companies including SCN BestCo, Corvid Technologies, Iredell Health Systems, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation, Lowe’s Companies, Roush Yates Advanced Manufacturing, and Trane Technologies. Over 94% of our industries are small businesses with 49 or less employees, making the professional services career a great option.

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Pathways


Architects use their expertise to advise clients on designing new buildings. They develop designs and plans based on a client’s vision and preferences. Architects have expertise in construction protocols, building regulations and planning commercial and residential structures.


An engineer applies scientific and mathematical principles to design, develop, and innovate solutions to practical problems. Engineers use their expertise in various branches of engineering, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, or software engineering, to create, improve, and maintain systems, structures, processes, and technologies


Consultants provide strategic advice to help clients improve an organization’s performance. Other roles include identifying opportunities for improvement, conducting research and presenting findings to their clients. An excellent consultant works closely with their clients to understand their vision and goals, allowing them to provide solutions that align with the company’s objectives.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visual artwork to promote a purpose, event or company. They may create infographics, leaflets, logos, animated designs and other pieces for various clients. Graphic designers often use specialized software, stay up to date with the latest trends and programs, work with other designers and produce end products that match a client’s needs and brief.


Marketing professionals are focused on promoting or developing campaigns, content, and advertisements to attract and retain customers.  Marketing careers include brand managers, communications and public relations specialists, online marketing professionals, and digital media specialists.  


A career in sales involves selling products and services by highlighting how a customer can benefit from making a purchase. Salespeople can develop their careers based on their individual interests and ideal lifestyle, making sales a smart and exciting career choice for anyone entering the job market. There are many reasons to pursue a career in sales.


Lawyers provide legal advice and expertise to individuals or companies. They collect facts by reviewing documents, collaborating with clients and filing pleadings in court. Other roles include creating a representative legal team, discussing and negotiating settlements, providing client representation during legal proceedings and preparing legal documents.