Local School Mascots Show School Spirit at Mooresville Day Festival

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The Mooresville Day Festival, an annual celebration of community spirit, welcomed over 13,000 attendees on Saturday, April 27, 2024. One of the highlights of this street festival was the 2nd Annual School Mascot Dance-Off that invited local school mascots to compete for “Best Mascot Dance Moves” and represent their school spirit.  Amidst several electrifying performances, Ella Eason and Trey Nichols emerged as the star performers, captivating the crowd with their vibrant dance moves and enthusiasm.

The School Mascot Dance-Off welcomed participants from Lake Norman High School, Pine Lake Preparatory School, Mooresville High School, and Langtree Charter Academy. Each mascot performed with their best dance moves and got the crowd pumped up!

Ella Eason, the winner and reigning champion, once again dazzled the audience with her electric moves, earning her the top spot for the second consecutive year. Ella’s performance, left the audience cheering! “The competition upped their game, but Roary returned with some fierce moves to claim the “Best Mascot” title for a second consecutive year. The Lion is “the king of the jungle” and ours is also Queen of the Sprinkler, the Floss, and the Running Man” said Kristen Sutek, Community Relations Manager at Pine Lake Prep.

Close on her heels was Trey Nichols, the talented runner-up, whose performance won the hearts of many. Trey’s energetic dance routine and his charismatic engagement with the audience showcased his remarkable talent and dedication. His effort and passion earned him a well-deserved second place.

The awards were presented by Town of Mooresville Commissioner Gary West who commended both students for their exceptional talent and dedication to their schools and community. “It was an honor to present the trophies for Best Mascot at Mooresville Day’s 151st Anniversary Celebration in Downtown Mooresville. Congratulations to Ella at Pine Lake Prep Upper School for 1st place and to Trey at Mooresville High School for 2nd place. Both reflect the very best in cheering on your school’s spirit! Thanks to all the Mascot’s that participated as they all did a great job,” said Commissioner West.

The Mooresville Day Festival, known for its lively atmosphere and community-centric events, once again delivered a day full of joy, excitement, and unforgettable memories. The School Mascot Dance-Off was a highlight, showcasing the exceptional talent of Mooresville’s youth and bringing the community together in celebration.

As Ella Eason and Trey Nichols take home their well-earned trophies, the Town of Mooresville looks forward to more displays of talent and community spirit in the years to come.