Amid our digital age, IT careers drive organizational innovation, data management, efficiency, software design, and cybersecurity, offering promising growth.

Where Innovation and Opportunities Flourish

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In our swiftly evolving digital era, Information Technology (IT) careers are pivotal, underpinning the digital infrastructure of organizations. These experts manage data, drive efficiency, foster innovation, automate tasks, design software, and fortify cybersecurity.

Charlotte Region’s Expanding IT Opportunities

Equipped with essential IT knowledge acquired through education or online boot camps, individuals can carve a tailored career path aligned with their passions. The IT domain is expansive, spanning roles from software development to data analysis. Encouragingly, the sector is projected to expand by up to 22% from 2020 to 2030. This growth trend resonates with the Charlotte Region’s staggering 91% increase in tech workers since 2010, confirming the universal demand for tech skills that extend across industries.

Information Technology Pathways

Information Support and Services includes occupations related to information technology deployment, including implementing computer systems and software, database management, providing technical assistance, and managing information systems. Jobs include:

  •       Help Desk Support
  •       Desktop Publisher
  •       Data Administrator
  •       Technical Writer
  •       Software Engineer
  •       Information Systems Architect
  •       IT Manager/Director

Media and Support Services prepare individuals for careers that involve creating, designing, and producing multimedia products and services. These services may include e-business websites or computer-enhanced visual media. Jobs include:

  •       Graphic Designer
  •       Multimedia Artist
  •       Multimedia Producer
  •       Web Architect
  •       Corporate Communications Manager

Network Communications involves analyzing, troubleshooting and evaluating computer network problems. More advanced IT pros may be responsible for building and designing communication networks as well. They play an important role in maintaining an organization’s network and keeping them safe and secure through both hardware configuration and end-user training.Jobs include:

  •       Network Administrator
  •       Network Engineer
  •       Project Manager
  •       Computer Security Specialist

The Programming and Software Development includes occupations involve the design, development, implementation and maintenance of computer systems and software, requiring knowledge of computer operating systems, programming languages and software development. Jobs include:

  •       Computer Programmer
  •       Software/Hardware Engineer
  •       Operating Systems Design
  •       Software Architect
  •       Gaming Programmer 

Cybersecurity Professionals detect cyberthreats and implement changes to protect an organization. A security operations center (SOC) team likely has several tiers of cybersecurity professionals that are responsible for monitoring, directing, containing and remediating IT threats. Cybersecurity Professionals may be tasked with anything from installing, administering and troubleshooting security solutions to writing up security policies and training documents for colleagues.

  • System Administrator 
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer

Data Specialists are tasked with overseeing the development of new databases, monitoring database performance and interpreting raw data and turning it into usable feedback and applications. A Data Specialist knows what all the numbers and patterns mean and can communicate the findings in layman’s terms. In addition to drawing meaning from raw data, these individuals are also charged with collecting and cleaning up the data ensuring that the information is accurate and without error. Some Database Administrators specialize in specific systems or applications. Making sure confidential information is secure and available to those who need it is a top priority of Data Specialists.

  • Data Specialist
  • Reporting Analyst 
  • Data Analyst