Get involved in our community through the new volunteer center, HIVE: Helping Iredell Volunteers Engage. 

Volunteer Portal for Students, Residents & Businesses

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The United Way of Iredell County launches HIVE (Helping Iredell Volunteers Engage). This new volunteer center offers a new generation an opportunity to volunteer in the community. Local partners and organizations promote awareness of their needs and other events through HIVE, allowing residents to find and respond to opportunities on the website, volunteer.uwiredell.org.

Area businesses and residents can sign up online and personalize their volunteer experience by selecting opportunities they connect with. HIVE functionality allows them to receive notifications of needs and events that match their skills, interest, and talents to build their “volunteer resume,” and they can review their contributions and hours given back in the community.


HIVE offers multiple benefits:

  • As a Volunteer, you will be able to find a menu of opportunities that connect you to causes that speak to you
  • As an Agency or Organization you can bring awareness to who you are, what you do and utilize the power of HIVE to find volunteers or announce your events.


HIVE will be the bridge that brings volunteers and partners together, and as its reach grows Iredell County, residents will see the positive results it promises our community.

With HIVE, volunteers will be able to connect, collaborate, and catalyze positive change.

Personal Connection

HIVE is a space for members of the community to explore local agencies and connect with volunteer opportunities that speak to them. Sometimes that is helping at a food bank. Sometimes that is collaborating with a group putting backpacks together for school-aged children. There are numerous ways to give back in our community as a volunteer – and the United Way of Iredell County is working hard to support opportunities for anyone that wants to get involved.

Corporate Engagement

Sometimes it is difficult to find a volunteer opportunity for large groups…so let us help! If you are part of a company or civic group, team or club looking to engage in giving back to an agency in need – please contact us directly to discuss what types of opportunities we can curate for you, utilizing the power of HIVE to organize and manage your team’s event.