Mooresville Graded School District Receives Science of Reading Champion for Change Award

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Mooresville Graded School District is proud to announce that it has been recognized with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Science of Reading Champion for Change award. This accolade from the state’s department of early learning is a testament to the district’s unwavering commitment to providing outstanding instruction in early literacy for every student in our district.  

The Champion for Change award was presented to MGSD Superintendent Dr. Jason Gardner, Director of Elementary Instruction Mrs. Jemma Conley, and the Board of Education at the January 16, 2024, Board of Education meeting by Ms. Amy Rhyne, Assistant Director for NCDPI’s Office of Early Learning. During the presentation she stated: 

The district has implemented several vital processes to champion SoR aligned changes across their K-5 schools. As a result of the district’s aligned efforts from leadership to paraprofessionals and support staff, the 2022- 23 End of Year Amplify student assessment outcome results revealed that MGSD is at or above the state level in 7 out of 10 areas assessed for foundational literacy skills. They are the highest in the SW region in two areas, AND all of their subgroups are at or above the state level in assessments of foundational literacy skills! The endeavors of MGSD have championed vital changes in classroom literacy instruction that clearly demonstrate improved literacy outcomes for students.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Jason Gardner stressed that the accolade is a result of the collective efforts of Mooresville Graded School District’s K-5 educators, administrators, and support staff. “The district has consistently strived for excellence in education, implementing initiatives that prioritize student success.  Our K-5 staff worked extremely hard completing many hours of professional development in order to implement the Science of Reading LETRS program to fidelity. I am extremely proud of all involved.” 

Director of Elementary Instruction Jemma Conley added, “Through the LETRS professional development, our teachers have gained a deeper understanding of the science of reading and the strategies to address the foundational components of literacy. LETRS has emphasized practical application, which in turn has encouraged our teachers to apply their learning directly to their classroom. Collaboration through our professional learning communities (PLCs) has also enabled teachers to share insights and identify areas in the curriculum that may need adjustment. By working together, our K-5 elementary team (teachers, specialists, administration, etc) has been able to respond more effectively to the specific needs of our MGSD students.”

Mooresville Graded School District looks forward to continuing its mission of educational excellence and remains committed to preparing students for success by helping them achieve strong literacy skills.

About the Science of Reading Champions for Change Award

The Office of Early Learning has been traveling across North Carolina this year to recognize one district or school per region that stands out for their work and commitment to the Science of Reading.  In addition to the award, Mooresville Graded School District will be added to the NC Promising Practices Map highlighting their work in early literacy.