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High School

Explore the High School Equivalency program in Iredell County. Earn your GED to unlock new opportunities and pathways to success.

Getting Ready for What’s Next

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Mitchell Community College plays a vital role in supporting Iredell County through its Basic Skills Program, empowering learners for success by preparing them to take the GED exam. Join us on the path to academic achievement and personal growth.

Basic Skills and High School Equivalency

The Basic Skills Program assists students in improving their reading, writing, and math skills. The program provides students with a test prep  to prepare them for high school equivalency test  with the ultimate goal of earning their High School Equivalency degree. English as a Second Language classes are also available to learn survival-level English. All Basic Skills classes are free to students. Mitchell Community College offers programs that combine Basic Skills and occupational education to assist students in finding employment. In most cases, Basic Skills students can have tuition or registration fees waived for continuing education occupational classes while preparing for the High School Equivalency test at the same  time. Goodwill and NCWorks work in partnership with Mitchell to provide support to youth and residents.